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Press release

Witch Window


Press release: 


"The simulacrum is never what hides the truth-- it is truth that hides the fact that there is none. The simulacrum is true" -Ecclesiastes 


A window of opportunity has opened, you can now visit a new solo exhibition by Fritz Hendrik IV. Don’t worry about seeing the real thing up close, what you are seeing here is the only way of experiencing this exhibition, through the window of your browser. 

A window in the traditional sense gives you the opportunity to be the passive spectator of another space than the one you are occupying. By looking through you see what's on the other side. 

One might say that this particular window you are looking through now is a magical one. A window capable of changing its destination by your command. The window does not decide what is right and what is wrong, it does not deal in absolutes, what it does is give you the opportunity to travel within a large network full of contradictions and simulations. What you look at in this simulated world might even shape the way you view your own. 


Written by The Scholar (Fræðimaðurinn)


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Anchor 1

1. Witch Window oil on canvas 2016

Anchor 2

2. Gray Veil oil on canvas 2016

Anchor 3

3. Installation view

Anchor 4

4. Open Window HD video, 15.56 min 2016

Anchor 5

4. Open Window HD video, 15.56 min 2016

5. Staged window with venetian blinds cement, wood, window frame, venetian blinds, acryllic paint 2016

Anchor 6

6. View window frame, MDF, acryllic paint 2016

Anchor 7

6. View window frame, MDF, acryllic paint 2016

7.Storefront (Mannequin wearing a sculpture) cement, fiberglass, steel 2016

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